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Website Design Ideas

Website Design Ideas

The website design ideas on the menu pages are for your information. These website design ideas suggest questions for you to ask yourself during the design of your new website or upgrade of your existing website.

We are contacted by folks who want a website but haven't any idea what they want their website to look like.  Having worked in Information Technology we're familier with the concept that people want "something" but until they see it don't really know what they want.  It's common that an application or website is started then the client realizes that's not really what they want.  We did one website working to client specifications where the original description was about 20 hours of work.  After five redesigns and let's see what this looks like, the time grew to more like 100 hours.

Thinking your way through these website design ideas will help you develop a checklist for WHAT you want to accomplish with your website.  Using these website design ideas will help you decide HOW you will to accomplish your goals. Your advanced website planning will save you money and your website designer a lot of headaches.  When the job is finished, you'll both be happy with each other.


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Contact us for help with your website design ideas.  We're ready to help!