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How Fail-Safe Is Your ISP?

The Importance of Connections

Whether you use clear broadband or some other Internet service provider, the most important consideration you should have is how reliable your ISP is.  After all, when you get right down to it, you could have the fastest download speed on the planet, but if your ISP keeps dropping out, you might as well be doing your web surfing on an Etch-a-Sketch.

Anyone who works at home with online access knows the importance of having a solid connection.  Before signing on with any provider, basic research should be done.  Find out from other users of the company whether or not there will be downtime issues.  You don’t want to negotiate the most important deal of your career when your ISP decides that it’s time to do some unscheduled maintenance on the line.  By the time that your service is restored, you discover the contract has gone to your old high school nemesis, who happens to be using an ISP different from yours.

For the most part, whether you’re going with cable providers or using satellite internet services, connectivity is key.  For example, while there are some instances where satellite providers are the only option, many companies relying on satellites quickly discover that when the weather turns bad, connection issues can create outage storms.

One of the new reliable ISP methods is through the use of 4g technology.  With 4g, there is usually service provided both through home stations and mobile smartphones.  In addition to some impressive download and upload speeds, the connectivity factors are more stable than those of satellite providers.

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