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located in:  Fort Worth (Tarrant County), Texas.
We link your small or medium business to the Internet!

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Hosting Recommendations

While FM Net Design does not offer hosting services, we work with any hosting service you choose.  We recommend Beachcomber Creations if you have not made a choice.

We CAN recommend a great hosting service or work with any web host you choose if you have a preference!

We at FM Net Design don't have our own hosting servers nor are we affiliated with any hosting company.  As a satisfied customer, we can however recommend Beachcomber Creations !

Why Beachcomber?

   High reliability with excellent pricing
   Online domain name and website space purchasing
   Ease of billing and maintaining your site
   Unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts (allow 10 MB for each account)
   Mailing lists
   High download bandwidth allotments for each client
   Blogs, Chat rooms, Forums, E-Commerce
   Form mail scripts for your on-line forms
   Linux Server Operating Systems
   Apache Web Server
   You own your
domain name
   Server Side PHP Scripting support
   MySQL Online Databases
   Excellent 24-7 e-mail support
   Frequent site status notification via e-mail
   Our own five years experience as a customer

We can help you acquire your domain name and site setup.

We show you how to set up e-mail accounts and mailing lists.  If they are available from your Hosting Company.

We show you how to access your website for maintenance.

We show you how to monitor your website visitation statistics (if package available).

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Contact us for help with your website hosting.  We're ready to help!