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FM Net Design Website Services

Website Development - Communications, estimates, hourly rates.

Website Design - Your new website

Website Redesign - Your existing website

Website Maintenance - Your existing website

Website Technical Support - Your existing or new website

Website Development

Website development requires that we Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Website development is a joint project between the customer and FM Net Design.  The customer provides the specification and FM Net Design delivers the service to the specification.

Every service from FM Net Design begins with Communication to assure we fully understand your requirement.  Every website service from FM Net Design is a development project, regardless of the service provided.

We gather information on your requirement to develop an estimate of what we expect the project to take.  We itemize your estimate with as much detail as possible so you'll know what to expect.  We usually meet our estimates unless there are changes to the scope of the project.  If the scope changes, and you request it, we'll add the impact of the change and re-estimate the project for your approval.

When a project is complete, we provide you with copies of any materials such as source code, html pages or images associated with the project.  With websites, we make sure you have the information to access your website to reload or update pages.  With websites, we'll work with you on how to access traffic statistics for your website if your hosting company makes it available.


  • $65.00/hour

  • Monthly Invoices

  • Payment Net 30 days

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